It’s quite hard to describe the phase in my life that I’m going through at the moment. I suppose it’s one of the heaviest times ever and yet I’m doing so very fine!

But…still everything seems to be changing. That’s why I sometimes feel a little overwhelmed…and why I feel very protective of myself towards outside influences at the moment. This week I had such an outside influence forcing itself upon me uninvitedly. This journal page is pretty much how I felt: like a mother wolf violently lashing out to protect her cub.

I was looking at what to do with this sketch. And I have decided – since it landed in a mixed media journal – to turn it into a mixed media spread. I’ve already got some ideas, but I find it quite a challenge to keep the spirit of the sketch alive!

The page has been lying on my desk for days now, waiting to be mixed with media. And everytime I see it, I feel I need to sit down and get busy. Well, today I didn’t get round to doing it. So I’m hoping tomorrow. I just hope I can finish the it while I can still connect to the energy in the page. ‘Cause sometimes when you leave work be for a bit, the energy’s vanished and then the momentum to work on it is lost. So, fingers crossed.

What I did do today, however, was cycle…it was such a wonderful morning. We are having a real Indian summer here. So this morning a thick mist hung over the earth. There was this serene silence where sounds  are baffled by the mini droplets of water in the air. It was so lovely. And the sun was working so hard to poke through…trying to melt away the mist:

My ride was so very enjoyable…it was wonderful to be in nature so early in the morning, so calming. But unfortunately the day wouldn’t remain this serene…a massive car crash happened only a few kilometres away from my home. 150 cars collided in the thick mist. Sirens from amublances, fire trucks and police cars continued all through the morning. Two people got killed and many were wounded. Fortunately my husband had made the last-minute decision to work home today or else he would have been on the freeway where quite a few of my friends spend more than 5 hours waiting until they could turn and drive back home. As far as I know, nobody I know got hurt in the accident…still keeping my fingers crossed, though. We got many calls, from family and friends who heard about the crash on the news and who were afraid for us. So glad we could reassure them all.

There was this eerie feeling that remained with me throughout the day…despite the fairy-tale like start… This afternoon I took another ride with my bike. Here in the distance you can see a little bit of the freeway…a helicopter still hovered over it, but by this time, the traffic jam was gone. The only cars still there were those involved in the crash or standing between two crashes. People had been asked to leave the keys in the cars and take a special bus to a shelter that was installed for the occasion. Cars are still being removed as I type.

I guess what’s strange in this photo, is that you would never be able to tell what drama had taken place only hours before. The sun was shining. It was otherwise such a perfect day.

Although…that being said…I’m having some neck and shoulder problems that are causing quite a bit of pain. It kept me awake for two nights in a row. I did get help, but it may take a while until it’s really gone. So I’m keeping my fingers crossed for this night. Being able to sleep can make such a difference. And also, I hope I’ll be able to paint tomorrow…or else my she-wolf may end up still being undone tomorrow…

So….keeping my fingers crossed!