Yesterday in ‘s-Hertogenbosch I felt sick, so we did the shopping that we needed to do swiftly to head home as quickly as possible. And thus I forgot to buy my mother a gift for Mother’s Day. So this morning, feeling better, I painted her this blue trumpet…I hope she likes it.

I was spoilt rotten by my own family this morning…my kids and husband had prepared some lovely surprises for me…

So now I have some great and original Nevynn art for on the wall, a pair of lovely earrings, a bracelet with images of the virgin Mary and the pope (for a Non-catholic…hehehe…) and I smell Sensuous right now….hmmmm

Oh, and I almost forget to tell you the lovely breakfast that was prepared for me…see all the yummy goodies they’d prepared for me:

A plate full of lovely breakfast thingies…a parboilt egg, cheese with garlic and dried tomatoes and basil, lovely grass cheese, tomatoe, cucumber and hamrolls filled with creamcheese….hhhmmmmm…what a way to start a cloudy Sunday!

Although I try to swallow away a slightly bitter taste to the day, with a mother having been killed right outside my kitchen window this week. The impact of the drama is wearing off already. The police and press have all gone. The house has been sealed and all that remains in the front yard is the portable loo that the crime scene investigation team have used. Every now and then people drive or ride to the house to look and be quiet for a little while. But other than that, things look normal again. As if the drama’s been erased. But sometimes my thoughts wonder off…and then I can’t help feeling deeply sad. Especially today on mother’s day. I know sentiment is not a flattering thing, but it’s hard not to think of the two little children today. And it also seems so weird that life’s gone back to normal. For some reason it would seem appropriate if at that house all colour would have vanished and turned into black and white. If all the flowers had died as well. The birds singing on the roof seem so misplaced.