This is what I saw when I woke up to the second day of the current heat wave this morning.

It looked warm already! And mind you, this picture was taken at 6.00 am! So, with a not so cool night behind me and heat ahead, I did my household chores immediately after taking the kids to school. And, brave me, I even gave my eldest daughter’s closet a thorough clear out and clean up. She got so many lovely hand-me-downs, which were all in such good state that I can easily dress 3 girls this summer. So, I picked out the very best and now have a truck load of clothes ready to take to the thrift store so that someone else can benefit from it.

I’ve been feeling an overwhelming and growing need for simplicity. I feel like decluttering my house. Sell or give away stuff I no longer use. I have lots and lots of books that I never read or look into anymore. Some with topics that no longer concern me. So, I’m thinking…thrift? Same applies to my own closet! How many clothes I have that I never wear! And how nice it would be to get rid of them. And my studio! It’s neat and tidy and I have plenty of space, but somehow my collection of stuff that I might use one day for such and such project is weighing on my shoulders. This morning I made a list of stuff I need to have there, stuff I need by my bed side and stuff I need downstairs. Well, I have truckloads more! And it’s all nice stuff that really get your creative juices flowing when you see it. But somehow I’m simply throug with certain things. I’m no longer in polymer clay or jewellery. And however soft that enormous pile of beautiful fabrics feel, I’m never ever going to sew for a hobby. And the yarn…me knitting? Or crocheting? Even my rubber art stamps are boring the chicks out of me. What do I need images for that were created by someone else? Why use them if they’re all ready and done anyway?

All that stuff cost me a fortune. And it’s not like I have to feed it or pay for its keeping. But still…if I find good buyers, I’m going to get rid of most of it and create some space to make it easier to focus.

The books, the drawing, the painting…I’m never giving that up. But I think I can say farewell to all the other yummy goodies. Especially if I get a good price for them so that I’ll have money to renew my stock of paper, paints and inks.

Maybe I should hold an attic sale! hehe.