Today I’m starting my Sale for Africa!

The first object I’m putting up for Sale is a Mini Art-journalling course with a lovely quality watercolour paper handbound journaling booklet (Canson Montval), assignments and prompts for your inspration. An ideal introduction into Art Journalling!!!

NB: I only have this available in Dutch, but I’m willing to e-mail a translation in English!!! (Click on image for larger, readable version and more information on the contents of this mini-course!)

The price of this mini course is up to you!

Shipment within the Netherlands is € 1,84 and I need € 2,00 to cover the cost of the paper and the printed handouts. But every cent you pay more than € 3,84 will be set aside for Africa!!!

If you want to buy one of these,e-mail me your address at mandy[at]journalicious[dot]nl. You will then receive an e-mail with payment details and off to the post office I will be!