Microsoft, you suck. And you suck big time!

My computer was attacked by a hijacker after a click on a link on Google Maps a few weeks ago. I repaired my system, but I didn’t completely trust it, so I wanted to format and reinstall my computer. I used to do that every 2 to 3 months in the age of DOS based windows systems. But with Windows Vista I didn’t know exactly how to do it and what problems I could run into, so I hired someone to teach me how to go about it. He explained it to me in a kind and patient manner, but guess what?

My system came with a legal OEM version of Windows Vista. So, you think insert the DVD , boot from DVD and install Vista again, right? What can be difficult about that? Well, let’s say that our OEM disc tried to make us believe the cd-player wasn’t properly installed. That the driver was missing. Even though it was already playing our Vista DVD. Get it? My hired wizman tried several things, but the OEM version of Vista could NOT be reinstalled! Thank you Microsoft. Did you really want me to go to the shop and buy the next version of your crap software after giving me an incomplete version?

So, the wizman was superkind in installing Windows 7 for me. It installed without problems. And all my other software, no problems. I was delighted. He also explained to me how to make a system copy so that I could reinstall much quicker next time and then he went home.

So, I sat down and clicked “system copy”.

Boom. Yellow triangle. Windows could not make a copy of my system for a certain file was missing. Missing? How? I had only just installed Windows on my computer. How could a file already be missing? Microsoft’s advice: run the Windows updates. I know, I know, I never should have done that, but if you run software, you think you should be able to trust its problem solver. Right?


After the updates things got worse. Much worse. My network crashed and still I could make no system copy. And even worse, suddenly my McAfee virus scan (that I had bought only weeks before) was having problems. Oh great! Now Windows killed my virus scanner. And whoops, what exactly is a pen tablet? Windows didn’t know anymore. Unknown USB device is what Windows called it. Damn! Oh, and whoops, what to do with a 4-year old scanner? Ehrm…let’s see….no, no can do. Windows 7 does NOT, I repeat, does NOT interact with 4-year old scanners. And ehrm, system restore, to undo all the updates…ah, now, yes, well, that worked. UNTIL I shut off my computer. Because that is when Windows 7 decided it was time to run all the updates anyway! After all, Windows 7 is such a perfect system that it can think for itself and needs not ask me for permission to do so. So, I changed the settings into “do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT update automatically”. Well, sure! After another restore it started updating jollily anyway as the computer was shut down. Oh, and then the internet connection went down. My network adapter wasn’t properly installed, Windows said. Ah, so I fixed that too. But after restarting my computer, it wasn’t properly installed again.

So, Microsoft, you’ve done a great job making a software package that conflicts with any hardware that’s over a year old. Well done!

Believe it or not, I fixed all of these itches. I downloaded many patches and applications to make everything work. But when I’d finally fixed it, the updates started again. And this time I got a black screen saying I had become the victim of an illegal Windows 7 version. Victim my ass! Since Vista wouldn’t properly reinstall in the first place I had to take what was at hand until I could buy a legal version. Which would only be a week later. But Microsoft has a bug installed that scans for illegal software and attacks you with it. Black screens and hardcore drop outs.

Okay, I’d reinstall my computer and then totally turn off the back ups. That might do the trick. And it did. For half a day. When I installed the update of Media Player 12, the entire Windows update package came along with it! By this time I could pull my hairs out. Because I couldn’t NOT install the Media Player update if I wanted to see the tv series on TV. So I had to let the updates come and try to find my way with them. Or reinstall again.

Last Friday I went out to buy the legal Windows 7 version hoping it would make a change.

Well, it didn’t.

The situation is so bad now that my entire network adapter is uninstalled according to Windows 7. And when I try to adjust the settings, my computer falls into a silent coma. System restore is not possible anymore because Windows 7 says an important part of Windows is defect.

Sorry guys, I have a LOT of patience when it comes down to computers and software and I’m not scared of them, I know what I’m doing. But this is too much of it. I’ve completely had it with Windows!

I’d heard people say Windows 7 was the best version of Windows ever, that Microsoft had finally delivered a finished package. Well, those people should take a closer look. Again Microsoft has delivered a software package bursting with mistakes. It installed 71 updates!!! 71 updates on Windows 7 already!!! How on earth can you start selling a product that needs THAT much adjusting in the first year of its existence? How on earth can you then think you’ve produced a sound product? And then add all the apps and patches made to deal with all the other faults that Microsoft hasn’t even begun to acknowledge, let alone repair!

With the move going on I cannot afford to buy myself an iMac right now. But I’m going to save up for one. Apple software is cleaner and does not think as much for itself as Windows does. The only setback is that I will have to buy all my software packages again because they are not fit for Apple computers. But I tell you what. After so many years of frustration with Windows it’s worth it. Windows is a great package for people who type letters in Word, who surf on the internet and who send e-mails. Oh, and you can watch DVDs on it too. But if you want to work with heavier stuff and lots of tiny programs, Windows sucks! Big time. Windows cannot live up to the expectations of demanding users. Not even Windows 7.

I am deeply disappointed and regret every cent I spent on the legal version of Windows. It is money wasted. I’m going to find myself an illegal and working version of Windows Vista and reinstall that on my computer since my own legal OEM version won’t install itself. And yes, misters Microsoft, it will be very, very illegal. But you tell me how illegal is that exactly after having spent money on your disfunctional software twice to still be standing empty handed?

Misters Apple, give me another year and I’ll be fetching myself an iMac. You can already pack it for me if you please.