This morning, 9:30. I was hanging up the laundry. In the simmering heat already. It was a little much for this jackdaw fledgling…he was born in a nest that was made IN the house of neighbors behind us (they sure have some damage there!). From a nest of 5 young, this fledgling is the weakest. The only one with little or no tail yet and the only one who doesn’t fly his rounds with his family. I’ve been tempted to feed him, but haven’t done so yet. Lovely though jackdaws are, once tame, they get very territorial and they will defend “their” garden against “intruders”. So, everyone who belongs to your immediate family is welcome, but should your child bring home a friend…well, they might go home with a few scabs on their heads… Jackdaws and crows that have been made “tame” can be incredibly unfriendly and aggressive towards whoever they consider intruders. But still…I’m not going to let this youngster die if I can help it. I will just try to suppress the urge to turn this bird into a pet and casually let some food lie about on the garden table when I’m not there.

Today is going to be melting hot. The kids are off to school and I have nothing much planned. After all the goings on here I have become really exhausted. The move was a big thing that we never really recuperated from because we immediately started building my studio. And the progression of it is much, much slower than we’d expected for tons of reasons. But the main reason is that we’re just very, very tired and we’re not working very efficiently. We’re doing our best, but there’s only so much you can do and then something’s gotta give. We’re continuing, though. Slowly, but surely. We hope to have it finished before my hubs’s summer leave so that we can really relax those three weeks and do nice things. Maybe some unpacking…a few boxes a day. But nothing much more.

In the mean time I’m trying to catch a bit of rest every now and then…build up a social circle here and make loads of sketches. I have about 20 now that I really want to work into new paintings. But I’ve accepted that they may not happen just yet. In a way this hot weather is helping me to lower my pace a bit and take life as it comes.