Wow…today’s loot from the local thrift shop! It certainly was a succesful visit.
I’ve been looking for purple fondue dishes for ages!!! I saw some really cute blue ones and a set of clean white ones, but no, I wanted purple ones! And look here! In the top right corner…a set of 4 fondue dishes! Isn’t that fab just before Christmas? All four for only 3 euros! Hurray! Then see the jewellery and the hat? They’d received a lot of that stuff from local store! Wow! Was priced not even a third of the shop-price. Goody, goody, goody! And then the books…I found three books that will go into my art studio as an inspiration for my own drawings, two books to read for the kids, a beautiful children’s book about a girl who’s dying (sad, but written extremely beautifully and só softly and soothingly that I think my eldest might even be able to read this in a year or so) and a Disney Princess cookbook for my youngest. Hurray! Thrift shopping is really great fun and I hope that my old and future hometown have many great thrift shopping opportunities as well.

We’ll sure be stacking our own local thrift store soon. I want to begin packing for the big move straight after the Christmas Holiday and I think I’m going to “throw away” as much as I’ll pack. Or at least, so I promised myself. It’s going to be one hell of a job sorting out all that stuff. In the attic we have some spaces that contain age-old boxes full of…stuff. Stuff we haven’t touched or looked at for years. Are they worth keeping? And the journals are in there too….bleh…the journals…shall I just burn them and be rid of them? They feel like a burden to me at the moment. And on the other hand, I read Katie Kendrick’s blog this week and she blogged about her voices from the past and how sorry she is now that she’s thrown so much away, ridding herself of her burden from the past. And since you can only do this once….