This morning, my youngest daughter had to go to swimming school. I normally accompany her and have to wait for an hour in the waiting room while she swims. I’m not much of a small-talk person, so that hour bothered me a bit. Felt like lost time. Such a waste.


I tried not to care whether anyone looked and got out a piece of paper and a ballpoint pen…and drew chairs! I sketched negative spaces first….and then drew the chair around them…it works for me! So much better than trying to draw the chairs immediately.

My first chair isn’t well proportioned or balanced, but I’m really glad with my second one! But, regardless of the result, I have spent a nice hour drawing…and when someone asked me what I was doing, it was actually fun to talk about it…

Today I overcame my fear to be seen drawing…and to be afraid what other people could think. I simply drew! And enjoyed myself!