Now that it’s come that far that the boxes are waiting to be filled and I can start packing, I suddenly feel as if I’m losing my head. The amount of work that needs doing seems overwhelming. It’s like climbing a mountain. You climb to what you think is the top, only to discover when you’ve reached it that there’s another steep climb ahead because then you can see the real top of the mountain. And, symbolically, the winds of change have blown for about 7,5 months now…and in 1,5 month we’ll get the key of our new home…and how much it resembles a pregnancy. The deadline after a period of 9 months with a load of work to be done then too…pretty much like carrying a baby, birth and then the sudden 24-hour shift.

Hehe, this move is my baby! Ehrm…yuk, this is beginning to sound a bit off. Well, I warned you at the beginning. I’m losing my head!

But in any case I’m going to hoist myself up the stairs in a minute to start sorting and packing. Some errands to run and then this evening we’ll have to be taking a closer look at the plans for my new studio. So there won’t be much time for new drawings today, I’m afraid.