For starters: back to the hornet!
A different, calmer spread this time.
I was just playing around trying to find nice compositions
but when I saw these circles,
they reminded me of targets…
In the light of yesterday’s log, that’s interesting.
I mean, those circles could be considered targets
that fly around in the air
when you think of pesticides killing bees and hornets.
See? Art Journals always go full circle.
Even when you didn’t plan to.

In this page I worked out the other theme of that really jam-packed page from yesterday.
I like this one a lot better.

What I also like about this page
is that I used a piece of a building plan by my husband’s hand.
He’d tossed it into the paper bin,
but no scraps leave the house unsniffed and unfumbled…
Many are lucky and get saved!

Then my new phone arrived. You know, the smart one.
And it’s got one hell of a good camera on board!
Don’t care too much for gadgets, but I love finally having a good camphone combination. 
Now it will be fun to Instagram again!