When you saw I had posted a documentary
about the discovery of the Higgs boson,
did you think it was totally off-topic?
The funny thing is,
it was and it wasn’t.
When something grabs my attention like the documentary did,
I know that such fascination will trickle into my work.
And it does!

There’s a whole bunch of images in my mind that I want to draw,
all related to or inspired by Particle Fever.

 But first, some mixed media experiments that I had planned for today.
I still want to try to work acrylics and mixed media into my Sous le Coeur l’Âme series.
I love the depth that mixed media and acrylics can create
like it did in “The Last Bee”

For this painting I cut a stamp to create the background.
It’s the little ‘poison’ skull you see through the paint if you look closely.
For the cap I used collage.
I just love how texture and depth add interest to a painting.
It creates a 3-dimensional space to illustrate in.
However, somehow watercolours have come to stick
to the Sous le Coeur l’Âme paintings.
So I’m training my mixed media and acrylics skills…
just to see if I can make it work.

Some attempts work fine

Others are a little less successful

This page is jam-packed and I don’t like it aesthetically.
But having said that…this page is a real journal page.
It tells the story of my day without words
and it’s a completer story than I could have captured in words too.
So in that sense, I like the page enough not to gesso over it.

The hornet in this image was a peculiar thing…
The poor thing seemed to be dying or at least very disoriented and ill.
It was on my garden chair and I nearly sat on it before I discovered it.
Fortunately I didn’t, but noticed it wasn’t quite behaving like a hornet normally does.

It sank through the holes in the chair constantly.
And studying it more closely,
I noticed it was continuously trying to clean its antennas
and drumming on its chest with its front paws.
I was wondering if the hornet was in pain.
The way it behaved, reminded me of footage I’ve seen of poisoned bees
and insects infested with parasites.

I tried to look up on the internet if there are any diseases in hornets that can cause this behaviour.

Curious by nature, I thought I’d try to look up what ailed the hornet.
Typing in ‘diseases in hornets’ in Google lead only to sites referring to hornet stings and ways to kill them.

We live right next to an apple and pear orchard that has been sprayed with pesticides earlier this week.
I can’t help wondering if that has anything to do with the condition of this little creature.

If this is what it does to hornets, I figure bees won’t be better off.
I saw a video about bees that got disoriented by pesticides a little while ago.
Would that be the same?
If anyone knows what’s wrong with this hornet, I’d love to know…