A quiet and lovely sunny day it was.
The Clematis Montana has burst open

I was fascinated by the shimmer on the petals

A Montana might owe its name to it being a mountain of flowers

Dandelions. Weeds for some. But my rabbit digs them!

This frog is so used to my pushing the lens of my camera in its face that it has stopped attempting to flee
The minutes with my camera aside,
my work time today went up in smoke
by the quest for a new mobile phone.
I rarely use the thing
but it’s in an update-induced coma
and I don’t want to miss it when I need it.
Now the question is:
Do I want to go smart again
or am I perfectly fine being dumb?
The idea of (possibly) being spied on by companies and governments doesn’t really appeal to me.
Neither does the principle of being findable and reachable anywhere anytime.
And nor do the many warnings about Wifi radiation risks.
But oh,
the sweet temptation of all those lovely gadgets
and the internet never more than an armlength away…

And I do have a business now, albeit tiny…
So having a mobile device comes in handy when on the road if necessary.
And the question is
how anonymous can we be in society these days anyway,
even without a smart phone?
And Wifi goes through walls.
So I can’t stop the radiation simply by not having a smart phone myself.
And I can always leave it home when I don’t want to be found or reached…
And so the endless trains of thoughts
rushed by my mental stations.

Eventually the husband walked in on my weighing the options
and level-headedly advised me to go for the smart one.
I decided to waste no more time, take a plunge and think no more.
I’ll be smart again tomorrow!
Bang in the middle of my vowed facebook-timeout!
Now THAT was clever planning… 😉

What IS clever, though, is that some really smart minds have discovered the Higgs particle.
The Higgs boson is also called the God particle.
Because somehow it might explain our universe;
how it works, how it came to be and how it may end.
Here’s a little video about what the Higgs boson is…

I know, the discovery of this particle is not news.
But the mind boggling process has been captured in a wonderful documentary I posted below.
Do go and see it! It’s fascinating!
Click on the image below for the full documentary.
Dutch subtitles, English audio.
It’s wonderful!

How awesome it must be
to be part of a team that works on such a project!
Makes me really want to be a physics scientist!
But I guess there are more ways to try to understand the universe
other than working underground for so long.
Might not be able to miss my paints either…