I woke up in a haze today.


The mist had covered everything in the tiniest dewdrops
of which some had united to form beautiful transparent pearls…

Others had united themselves to big dangling drops of water glimmering under leaves and branches.

The thin layer of waterdrops
gave away the hiding places of eaqually tiny creatures.

The mist wasn’t to last, though.
It held the promise of a beautiful day
and was quickly eradicated by the rising sun.

It’s weekend
but quite a few of my work hours went unused this week.
On Monday my eldest stayed home from school because she wasn’t feeling well
and yesterday afternoon she came home early due to festivities at school.
So I want to make up for lost time…
I found a buddha whose pose I might want to use,
so…a sketch!

Buddha sketch

After a first sketch I moved on to abstract an image that better fits my goal.

Buddha pose sketch

I love the serenity of the pose.
Now I just want to figure out how much of the pose
I want to use in my painting.
For that, I want to continue on this sketch
and do many more…some full figure, some framed details.