Big plans today!
…clutter, mess and more clutter…
Something needs to be done!
Stacks of books everywhere…books I thought I wanted to keep,
but of many I’m not so sure anymore.
I might keep only the very best…
Owww…I bought this ancient drawing course “Famous Artists” years ago…
 I thought it’d be dated and dusty, but it’s really nice, in fact.
Just waiting for that attic to be finished…belongs in a nice bookshelf there…
  Owww…see the alcohol ink display?
A big lesson for me!
Hard to resist a good bargain when I see one,
but buying this entire display was a bit overboard
especially ‘ when it turned out I don’t like working with alcohol inks..
Guess I’ll be putting them back up for sale again soon!
 I I keep organizing and reorganizing the paints on my worktop.
I’ve got so much mixed media stuff…doesn’t all fit on there.
And the watercolours are quite bulky too…always a struggle to keep some open work space.
See that scary stack on the left?
That is THE GREAT STACK OF DISLIKE screaming for my attention…
You know, those unappealing chores?
Well, that’s them…
But first I had to go shopping…
and after I got back, laundry was waiting for me…
and by the time that was finished,
I couldn’t start decluttering either.
‘Cause after all, it was time to collect some more freckles!
Our Cardigan Welsh Corgi Silke collected some freckles as well…
Our little quiet moment was briefly disturbed by the gathering of some jackdaws.
The magpies nesting in the tree behind our garden were not amused, by the sound of it!
  I’m pretty chuffed that my husband advised me to go for a smart phone…
I love the cam of this one and everything it can do!
I’m sure going to be using Instagram a lot more now!
 All in all I had a really good day.
Not very productive,
but I needed a moment to recharge my battery.
Needless to say no stacks were attacked in my studio,
but I think I’m saving that for a rainy day!