I started out my day really calm and quiet
googleing images to form the basis for a new concept that’s evolving in my mind.
I’m building on the idea of cocooning
and decided to do a painting from the inside of my cocoon.
So I looked up tons of images of pods, wombs and cocoons
to help me experiment with the space in my painting,
the space, the colours and the light.
I bookmarked about a hundred and then moved on to do figure sketches
of poses I feel I could use inside a cocoon.
Meanwhile the idea of the cocoon I want to paint
is taking shape inside my mind.
figure sketch for my ‘cocoon’ painting
While sketching figures, I listened to Pim van Lommel’s 
Appropriate, I think,
for cocooning seems to be nothing more – or less
than giving the consciousness space
to breathe, to open up.

Sketch of the position of the head

 When my eldest daughter came home from school,
I asked her to pose for some sketches…
which she did willingly and with wit!
The solemnity of the near-death experiences
I’d heard Pim van Lommel talk about in his online lecture
was quickly lightened up by quirky teenage humour!

Isis posing
I resisted tons of impulses and itches to check my fb account
and even put a best friend’s mails aside for this evening.
I was in work modus.
Quiet and focussed.
Sketch of a head
It is no coincidence that it is this day
that I got a beautiful e-mail from one of my dearest friends
about her journey into her consciousness.
All energy comes together and coils and weaves together into this beautiful space.
Sweet synchronicity.