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For the past two decades I didn’t really “experience” the weather conditions very much. Because I lived in houses that stood in the midst of other houses. But this house is situated on the edge of town. And at times it feels as if this house is all alone on this planet, with wild storms raging around it. Our house sighs under the constant beating of the wind and the roof makes cracking sounds when heavy loads of wind fall down onto it. And with thunderstorms we’re surrounded by the flashes and encased by the rolling explosions. And I love it. Every  minute of it. It brings to life an awe for the forces of nature. It’s a bit of a humbling experience.

Last night in bed the wind smashed the rain so hard against the window of my bedroom that I could barely sleep. So, I took my night book and sketched today’s drawing…a lonesome house tormented by a storm… When Nevynn woke me up way too early this morning, I couldn’t sleep anymore…I wanted to do the drawing…so I got up early and started drawing and painting. And in the meanwhile, every time I looked up at the sky, I saw the clouds get thinner and thinner. And however harsh mother nature may have roared her voice last night, today she seems in a much better mood, for the sky is a wonderful cerulean blue and the the sun is setting the whole world alight…yay!

Have a wonderful day, everybody!