Why Tankas?

My first love was words. I filled tons of diaries with words. And when plain words weren’t enough anymore, I began writing poetry. I think I was 11 years old when I started. I poured everything that happened in life into poetry. In poetry and dancing. Unfortunately, one day I stopped dancing. But I never stopped writing poetry. Often on its own as recordings of my days or impressions I collected or thoughts that need to fly. But just as often I combine poems with a drawing or painting to complete a story.

I love Tankas because of their simplicity. They are short, but just long enough to really say something. Tankas don’t ask for much. All they want, is a little rhythm. Sometimes when I’m in bed at night there are a few words that still want to be said and they dance their way out of me into my notebook in the shape of Tankas. And often, the next day, a drawing or painting grows out of them to complete the story.

So I figured, since I love writing and illustrating poetry so much, why not make a workshop of it?

Workshop Writing and Illustrating Tankas

Besides, it’s high time for a LIVE event!!! In the flesh…close to home, with a small group of students.

I simply long to work with people again. I love teaching online courses, but I really missed LIVE interaction with people. So…I found a really rustic location and on 9 December I’m doing a full-day workshop on writing Tanka – which is a simple form of poetry – and on illustrating them in two different ways. The technique we’ll be using in the illustrations is watercolor and ink. And with a little luck, we are going to conclude the day outside with a lovely fire in the garden with blankets under the stars.

The workshop will be for a small group of no more than 12 people and will be in Dutch. But for all those who do not speak Dutch, no worries…something’s coming up in English too ♥

If you’re interested in the LIVE workshop, you can read more on this page.