Okay, I admit. I didn’t really plan on doing this. But it worked out so fine that I thought I’d share my experience with you.

It’s like this: I have a studio in the attic…a really big, light and nice studio. BUT…with a puppy dog about the house, it wasn’t very convenient to work up there, because I needed to be able to housetrain her. So, we also have a small office-like space downstairs where I work instead (although I can’t wait to move back up again!).  Then last Friday I had a journal coaching session for which I brought nearly all watercolor paints upstairs so that I could explain a little about different water color brands, quality, pigments etc. I forgot to take them back down with me afterwards, so all that was left here, was a palet with only 4 colors of paint in them: Payne’s grey, olive green, permanent violet and permanent rose. Too lazy to hoist myself up the stairs before starting my silly face drawing, I just mixed a little and quite liked the colors that came out…all in purples, browns, greens and even skin tone…really lovely! Especially combined with the charcoal where the layer of water color just gives the drawing or the journal page an underglow. I was smitten with it! So smitten that I did another 3 journal pages with only those 4 colors and charcoal…and now I’m so smitten that I think I’m going to fill the remaining pages of my journal with these colors…love it, love it.

So, have you ever considered limiting your palette? Or would you consider giving it a try? Just pick your favorite 4 colors…it may just end up in really lovely pages!!!