What a few days of obligations other than my drawing table can do to my workpace!!! I’m lagging behind horribly…on both illustration courses that I’m taking…on my household. Life just got the best of me for a few days. And it isn’t over yet! This week my youngest daughter has her birthday…it’s going to be a very festive event, because she will have a children’s party for the first time…hurray! But…it means the mommy in me is working overtime this week in preparations, organising, cleaning up…and then the day itself…killing! But then again…I can’t wait to make her smile!

Then Thursday’s her birthday, and we’re going to spoil the 5-year old lady rotten!!!  And in the afternoon we’ll have my parents over…really lovely…they live pretty far away from here, so my daughter’s going to be thrilled that they will be all the way here for the occasion. Then Sunday is the big family and friends party day…wow! Makes Saturday clean-and-shop day. Ouch! So, when I’m going to do some drawing? Well, I guess…no, I fear…that it isn’t going to be much.

Well…I’ve already planned some drawing days next week…so hopefully I’ll be able to control the “damage”, hehe.

I laugh at it now, but sometimes this is a really painful issue: time! Being an artist isn’t something you do for a few hours a day. It’s a mindset. You think about “work” ALL day long. You dream about it too, sometimes. But as a mom there’s tuns of obligations that get between you and your inspiration and artsy thoughts.

See that word “obligations”? It sounds awful, but I confess: in stressful times, children feel like obligations to me. Horrible, isn’t it? And I know I’m not the only one struggling with this issue. The only thing you can do about it really, is to accept those times and live in the moment. Enjoy and/or endure what’s there. But if you keep on thinking about all the other things you really want to do, stress will only boil up and over.

So, note to self: keep calm, enjoy and endure…next week there will be more drawing time!!! Promise!!! Hmmmmmm