Totally unrelated to Art Journals, but since it might be of service to anyone as frequent behind their computers as me, myself and I, I thought I’d post it nonetheless.

I don’t know about the organisation of your folders and documents in your computer, but mine was becoming a huge pile of data from which it got harder and harder to pick from. So, I needed a small reorganisation. And I’ve given several folders new icons which makes it ever so much easier to find them among the huge bulk of lookalike yellow rectangles…especially handy for visually oriented people like me!

My Windows version didn’t offer very many exciting icons, but a quick search on google, quicly send me off to Free Icons Web. And they really offer free icons…no catch! Promise!

It made me wonder…can you make your own icons? That’d be totally cool! Just imagine you can draw anything and turn that into an icon. That way every folder immediately shows its contents. Hmm…gotta look into that one! Or can anyone here tell me a little about it?

‘Cause I’m thinking I’ve made a great discovery here with the free icons, but for all I know, I may have been hidden under the pavement for ages and just found out the wheel in the age of floating spacecrafts!!! hehe. Well, anyway, I hope it’s been of help to you.