Note to self: Have to hold on now! Just a few more days and the house will be finished!!! The last steps are the heaviest, but after Tuesday I can fall apart on the sofa for a bit and sleep my heart out!

We’re almost done and our house will be up for sale soon. Right now we’re at the stage where you’ve already done loads and where you look around you to be struck by the enormity of what’s left to be done. It still seems an awful lot. Maybe fatigue amplifies such impressions.

But, objectively, we’re well on the way and by Tuesday the house will be ready for viewers/buyers.

This morning I promised myself not to stop late so that perhaps, if I have some energy left, I can do some drawing. But now I’m not so sure of the energy part. What energy? But who knows, if I can get myself to sit down for some drawing I might end up getting more energy out of it.