I sort of had this link page under construction for a gazilliously long time. Then I ran into the possibility of creating one outside my own website…which for some reason I thought would find more hits leading back to this site. So this evening I invested some time in creating a list of links. It is by no means finished, but it’s something.

Unfortunately category names are mostly in Dutch because it’s a Dutch host. Some categories (like Art Supplie stores) are only interesting for Dutch and Belgian people, but I hope other categories work for international visitors as well. Please let me know if it works for you…or not. I’d be glad to get feedback so that I can optimize the link site and make it work for all of you!

The links I chose are links that I frequently use myself…for work, for inspiration, for fun. There’s no science or purpose to the links other than to serve you with inspiration and quick links to interesting sites. And by interesting I mean sites that I find interesting…because I endulged in allowing myself a link page full of links to my own taste!!!

If you wish to take a look, click here!!!