So, my website’s called “Journalicious”…because I thought Journalling was such a delicious thing to do…and I know how deliciously inspiring other people’s journal pages can be, so Journalicious it was.

However, today I’m going to give new meaning to the word!

A major theme in my life right now, is eating good food in combatting my overweight. Having lost many battles in this long-time war, I have given myself some time to ponder how to do it right. Because after all these years, I found out that diets don’t work. Never work. Not if you want to keep the weight off permanently. Pills don’t work either and let’s not even get into the wicked ways of commercial enterprises stuffing us with “happy food” first and then throwing commercials and commercial photographs into the media that tell us to look like 14-year old beautiful girls…and oh, of course you don’t and sure, they can help. Just buy so and so and you will be fab! Ehrm….DUH!

Now, there are pills on the market that stop our bodies from absorbing fat! THE invention of the age, they say. Well, let’s say that in the first place our bodies need fat for several purposes, so I don’t think we can actually miss it. And in the second place nobody knows what those chemicals do to us in the long run. And no, I do not want to be a test bunny!

Surgery? Yes, sure it makes you lose weight when you mutilate the inside of your body, but no, thanks. Why make normal eating impossible for the rest of my life? And then I’d still not learn to eat NORMAL! I’d be eating abnormally still, albeit abnormally smaller portions of food.

So, then what has the wise Mandy to say about weight loss? Ugh!

My ground principle is to eat pure and healthy food. So eat everything fresh and unrafined, or as much as possible. I don’t believe in additives and chemicals. And if I can, I’ll choose ecologically grown food.

My second principle is to put love and attention into food. And time. I mean, I spend most of the time thinking about food anyway…”I’m going to devour that bag of crisps! Oh no, I’m not. I won’t eat them. They make me fat. But I want them so bad! They taste so good. And what damage can one bag do to my body? And I’ll eat better tomorrow. I’ll never buy crisps after today. Promise!” And these thoughts go on 24/7…as a second layer of thought permanently whispering or shouting in my brain. Horrible! So I’ve decided to keep on spending a lot of time on food, but this time by doing great cooking!!!!!!! And healthy cooking! With good ingredients and lots of creativity.

My third aim is to cut my family’s sugar intake. Less candy and cookies. And I’m even going to try and make these goodies myself. That way, it takes an effort before we can eat it, so we won’t be doing that on a daily basis. I’ll also be cutting my carb intake a bit and try to choose good carbs. I intend to stop offering the kids cookies, candy and potato chips and give them dices of cheese, dried sausages, cucumber, radishes, little tomatoes, celery, fruit, nuts and so on…I have a beautiful Spanish bowl with compartments for it…glad to finally be able to put it to good use! I tried this a few times before, but got shy from it when kids came to play here, commenting about the lack of candy and chips…I’d always bulge. But in the end, this is way better for everybody!

The fourth principle is to plan meals well ahead and cook with much more variety. I use recipes as inspiration, but always turn them into my own somehow. But by  planning and buying food up front, I’m sure I’ll diminish the risk of endulging in things  like potatoe chips. And, if I know I’ve got a great soup ahead, I won’t be inclined to graze in between meals! Or I’ll have a bowl of soup as a healthy snack. No harm done!

The fifth principle is to share my recipes with you…simply because cooking is my passion and because I love sharing my passions with others…so, I’ll try to take pics of my meals every day and give you the recipes.

Oh, and before I leave you with these principles, I want to say that I firmly believe that weight needs to come off slowly in order to remain away. The faster it comes off, the faster it will come back and bring a few fat cell friends along. So, I’m not hoping to loose pounds a week…if only the weight gain stops and turns around to weight loss. No matter if it’s a pound a month or more. Any movement downwards on the scale is good!

I won’t bother you with my weight anymore, but will give you recipes and journalicious pics instead I’ll keep you posted on the weight thing and give you my recipes along the way…and if you’ve any great recipes for me, or variations on what I’ve shown you, you’re more than welcome to inspire me!!!

Oh, and should I be successful at battling my overweight…then I’m convinced this way of eating will in the long run help me get my weight down…and once it’s come down, I’ll show myself off, ofcourse…I’m really hope going to prove any commercial “solution” for it wrong!!!