Do you know AnnaDenise yet? If you don’t, you should definitely go check out her blog full of journal pages.

I love how she journals in her moleskines. Although I don’t quite get how she gets such pristine pages with watercolor in a moleskine. I tried on that paper and boy, did it suck!

But Anna Denise’s style is really nice and appeals to me immensely. It’s clean, colorful and simple. Comic-like pages; a mixture of inkdrawings and text. She approaches her use of color like a designer and oh well…if you want to know exactly how she goes about it, you can check out her journaling tutorial (in 3 parts). I did. And I tried a few pages in her style and I like it. The most valuable tip I got from the tutorial is Kuler, an online color scheme producer by Adobe. It really helps bring coherence into a page if you use a fixed set of colors rather than just go about it. I’ve been using it for quite some time now and I love it.

Yesterday I made some journal pages in Anna Denise’s style…that can very well develop into my own daily journaling style because it’s so colorful and comfortably close to my own method already! Well, here are the pages:

Yesteray was all about sorting an immense load of 2nd-hand clothes I got for our oldest daughter. So there was a lot of fitting and judging. A year ago fitting clothes was hell for her. But yesterday I enjoyed watching her admire herself in all these outfits. It was super! And then the long, long, pink dress with flowers. I thought she’d hate it, since she’s a skull t-shirt kinda girl. But boy, was I mistaken! She LOVED it!!! She wants to wear it to school tomorrow! Well, we advised her to keep it for very special occaisions.

Then there was of course the swimming pool. We have a really great on now! Cost us a speck and works fine! They enjoy water so much!!! They splashed around in it like little dolhpins for hours, until their lips had turned purple.

Then I made a page my own style…ink and watercolor. It’s about going with the flow and having faith that the flow will take you where you have to be. It’s a very symbolic page and I like it a lot. Working on a spread like this allows for ample space to both draw and write, which to me is the perfect match!

Today is the official first day of the first heat wave of the year. I can’t say I’m thrilled because heat and I don’t exactly match. I had planned to clear out my studio and sell everything I’m not using anymore. But with these temperatures I think I’d best sit still for the greater part of the day. The idea of clearing out appeals to me more and more because I’m looking forward to simplifying my workspace and take away all the clutter that feels distracting right now. There are tough choices to make though. Am I selling my polymer clay stuff? In a way I want to keep it because I can do such great things with it. But on the other hand, I haven’t made anything with it for over 2 years. And I don’t think I’ll use it any time soon, so why not cash a few bucks and create some space? But there’s that nagging little voice on my shoulder whispering that I mustn’t sell because some day I’ll want to make who-knows-what from it! So, I’ll use this heat wave to fight this little voice! Dry it out! hehehe.