Last Saturday I went to Schleiper in Antwerp.
Soooooo big that they actually have
shopping carts!
Heaven on earth, no less!
I got myself…
… a sample of pastel pencils…three brands, super lovely colours;
9 Conté carré pastel crayons
The latter are awesome!
They’re not too dusty and lay a beautiful layer of colour on your paper…
and way less scratchy than the Conté carres,
which give me goosebumps while working with them
(as do the Conté pastel pencils…brrrr).
I really like Koh-I-Noor art supplies.
They are very affordable,
but they work so great and have great colours!
As always I first make colour charts.
A very nice and structured way of getting acquainted with new supplies.
And colourful, let’s not forget to mention that!
And now my fingers are itching.
I want to go finish that drawing I intended to use them for!