I don’t think my blog is a place for policital opinion. But sometimes events occur that make me want to stand up here and speak.

Today is a sad day. The Netherlands will be having a right-wing extremist party in the government. It’s a complicated legal construction under which they formally are not a member of the government, but in essence, they are and will even have a lot to say about national and international politics. And the most apalling thing of all, is that this has been decided today, by a Christian party who suffered huge losses at the last election, but who manoeuvred into a position where they ultimately had the final say in it.

“A celebration of democracy,” the Christian party leader called the outcome of today’s congress.

If this really had been a democratic decision, the people of our nation would have been invited to vote for or against this extremist right-wing government. And well, it will not surprise you, I’m sure; we weren’t.

I remember a few years ago, that many US artists apologized at the time for their government and its leader in particular. Now it is my turn to apologize to the world and to say I am deeply ashamed for our government and that we now find ourselves in so dark a time of extremism and racism in which my own country plays a leading role. Already today, the extremist party leader speeched in Berlin, stating that there is no moderate Islam. As if all muslims are extremists. This man is on a mission to spread racism and form a huge international right-wing and anti-Islam front. Remind you of anyone? Who defined the world, say, 60 years ago?

The horrifying events of World War II are supposed to still be vivid among my generation and those before mine since we were taught about them thoroughly. Then how on earth did we end up with a government that once again crucifies people for their religion, making them the scapegoat for all that’s wrong in our society? When will our local councils start handing out yellow stars again, to separate THEM from US? When will they start building ghettos again? From which it is so comfortably easy to deport an entire cultural minority? I mean, it worked fabulously in World War II. Is this a replay of 60, 70 years ago? A huge economical crisis, scapegoating and racism based on religion leading to another War?

What is it with religion anyway? How can true Christians, who are supposed to love their neighbours as they love themselves by one of their own Christian commandments, allow a racist party to govern our nation? The petty excuses they come up with! Is power that delicious? Is it really that blinding?

Is it really so much to ask to condemn terrorism for what it is, rather than condemning ALL muslims for the existence of terrorism? You can’t fight fire with fire. So how exactly do they think they can fight extremism with extremism?

Foolish games. For which countless people will suffer. I am sorry.