“There is no peace that I’ve found so far”
– India ink

I’m a doing a series of portrait sketches. After images from the mind; not photos. No realism intended. No perfection intended. Just trying to catch a thought, an image. Visualising a split second from the train of thoughts that crosses my mind. These visualisations can be about myself or about something I heard or saw. They can be a mix of these and my imagination. I’m a sucker for drama and while I draw and lines bring emotions to the surface of the paper, stories, dramas start unwrapping from my mind. One story is a little more me than another. But always full of drama.

I often use a means of transportation for my drawings, mostly music. While I did this sketch,  “Set fire to the third bar” played over and over and over and over again because I’d forgotten to select the whole album to play. But as I went, my sketch took a flight on the music and I went along with it. It’s such a melancholy song full of longing and fire. As I drew the cross for the face, the face got split in two, just like the song. Happiness and sorrow. A face full of lines, telling tales, but a story on its own as well.

This is a mega-relaxing way of drawing. One portrait fills my journal after the other. A lovely way of getting back into the flow after having crashed into days without meaningful drawing because of computer hassle. (Still haven’t made up my mind yet…have three good offers now…all three for their own reason. So, I can take my pick!) So, as I don’t want to lose the flow, I’m moving back quickly to my sketchbook!