Inspiration can be found in the most unexpected places.
Those who know me
will confirm that fashion and me are not an item.
However, in the work of fasion illustrator Maddalena Sisto
I find great inspiration.

 It’s her way of working with watercolour

So quirky and joyous.
It’s fascinating.
Just like her personality.
Below you will find a documentary about her.
It’s mostly in Italian with Dutch subtitles.
Perhaps an English version can be found online,
I’m not sure.
Somewhat to the end
she’s filmed painting…
Having watched this documentary
I think that even though her subject was fashion,
it wasn’t really fashion she illustrated.
Maddalena Sisto illustrated everything she observed
especially the things you don’t see.
Her fascination with everything she saw,
people, plants, objects…is so vivid in her work. 
And even though her work is already ‘old’,
it is incredibly modern. 
Her work looks like it was painted yesterday.
Maddalena Sisto is a very good example
of “just” an illustrator in the perspective of the art world
but really an artist in the true sense of the word.
I was glad to find her archives online
so that even though Maddalena herself has passed away,
we can still enjoy her work.
Such a pity, though, that he images are so small.
I wonder how long it takes
before joyous and quirky watercolour ladies
present themselves in my sketchbooks…
For those who find joy in Sistos work,
after clicking this link
you can download a Maddalena Sisto theme for Windows 7.
It’s cute!