Spring is such a wonderful time…
as the light gets reborn,
so do colours
new textures
and fragrances…
Kale left to bloom
Clematis Montana about to explode
 Today was the first cloudy day in what? One, two weeks?
But it was still so beautiful…
A grey, but wonderful day at the beach. I adore the drama in today’s sky.

Just look at that reflection of light in the thin layer of water on the sand.
Collecting crab legs; not so horrific as it could sound
Mer and Maid
Who needs sun with this many freckles already? 😉
This weekend’s been busy
but in a wonderful way.
 New experiences were added to our list
and an exhibition of local artists
got my fingers itching big time!
My focus has been on online teaching for a year now
and now that the infrastructure is fully set up
 it’s high time to focus on my own work again.
I can’t wait to get started!
It’s been too long!
fascinated me.
How do you get acrylics to look so hard and glass-like?
Makes me want to try!