Hello dear readers, I hope you’re doing allright. May your day have been as swell as mine was!

We Dutchies must remind ourselves that it really is 2 November! The weather’s gone mad, but in a very good way! It won’t last much longer, but these past weeks we’ve had late-summer temperatures to die for! So what better to do on a Sunday than visit the beach?

The only signs that told on the season were the absence of bathing tourists and the angle of the sunlight which gave long shadows.

Never had such long legs before…

It was simply more than wonderful being outside today. Running into tons of inspiring things of course…

And I just can’t explain the energy I get from the wind blowing through my hair and waves beating on the shore.

Quite easy feeling zen on days like today, really.

Since it’s officially autumn, the girls seriously craved golden and cupper forest trees. They’ve missed them ever since we moved to the sea. So we gave them a little forest that would lead us to the sea. And when I say ‘little’, I mean little in more than one sense. This forest really is just a park…a garden that used to belong to a castle. But also, the wind kept this forest little. Trees are short and don’t grow taller than the dunes. That makes it a very peculiar little forest with lots of light coming through the trees. And the wind beaten trees grew in odd fashions, but ever so lovely for climbs and play…

Since these trees grow so many curvy brances and so low already, the kids had the time of their lives getting in the tree tops. It was absolutely no punishment waiting for them to ‘finish’ (do they ever?) their play. While they conquered one top after another, I toyed with my camera a bit. Turns out my camera danced a playful tango of light with the sun, leading to quite colourful pictures:

And while playing with that light, my mind drifted off to my work…hey, what else, with those lovely splashes of colour? The past months with my shoulder being so painful and not being able to paint, I spent an awful lot of time reading, brainstorming, designing new workshops, studying and discussing with fellow entrepreneurs. But now that my shoulder seems healed again, I really feel like getting back into action.

Tomorrow I’m going to make my studio ready for filming again so I hope I can add some new workshops to my site before the end of this year. And then for the beginning of 2015 the release of Art Journal Kickstarter is planned, which I’m really looking forward to, since I am one of the contributors to the book! Yay! Can’t wait to see how it’s turned out!

So…there’s lots of good things ahead and I really feel like picking up the best part of my work again!

I’ll keep you guys posted!