I’ve been working on a new painting this rainy afternoon…
longing for summer,
can you tell?
Last Friday, especially, I wished for some sun.
I had volunteered to help decorate the school yard.
So when I got there, I was asked to design a few turtles…
 But as soon as I had drawn them and we were ready to start painting
the first mini droplets of rain started bugging us, getting bigger as we went along.
That’s why this turtle now seems to be having some problems
digesting yesterday’s meal…
Turtle in love…
 Yesterday I did an art project at an elementary school.
It was a HUGE success!
The kids were so enthusiastic.
I found a really great collection of fairy-tales in rap
and asked the kids to design the featuring fairy-tale figures
for a shadow theatre.
And after some really impressive work and zeal,
the kids got to perform in their fairy-tales for the rest of their class.
It was such a success
that they got to perform for another class too, in the afternoon.
I enjoyed myself loads.
And then when this kid came up to me and offered me a cupcake
’cause his mom had given him something else sweet,
it sort of gave me wings!
It was great fun to be teaching again…
And it was very rewarding to see it was so appreciated.
In the evening, one of the parents sent me a photo
of a shadow theatre his kids had made at home!