I decided to give myself another week to finish them pretty Christmas cards
and make them really beautiful.
So will you bare with me just that little bit longer?
Remodelling a house/kitchen proves to be more work
than I’d hoped.
In the mean time I did a few little chores
like this one:
I refilled my pallettes
and tried some untried colours.
A lovely mindless chore to do……
Today there’s a lot of hard work to be done.
For tomorrow the kitchen men will drag in all the kitchen furniture
and start building.
They’ll finish it on Tuesday.
Then we have some more work to do…
to really get the kitchen neat and finished.
And then immediately move on to the new floor…
But in the coming week I’ll sure have time to finish my cards
and find a printer that will make them pretty for you!!!
Can’t wait to have the sets of four ready!