I want to illustrate Poetry. And have been wanting to do that for a loooooong time. Now I have decided I will do just that. And I’d like your help!

This morning I ran into this lovely book:


It’s full of beautiful Dutch poetry and illustrations by different illustrators. Gosh! Did that book get my heart tickin’!

Years ago I did a workshop on illustrating poetry…and then I made this:

We had no available poetry, so we had to write something of our own…mine reads in English:
If you see the fibres of the table cloth
each and every one
your head hangs
way too low.
The swiftness with which we had to work, the intuitive approach…I loved it! And I promised to myself I’d do this again. And again, and again and again and again…and make a book. And then some more! But then life happened. I did a poem/illustration about that too, by the way:
A life forgotten
click for bigger and more readable version!
I happened to be looking for a focal point for my illustration work. Well, poetry is IT!

So…this is where I need your help!

I want to be inspired! And because my mind is always only just my own mind, it runs the same circles on the neurological highway I’ve grown in there. This time I’d like to work with something outside my box…so: Do you know any poems for me? Or perhaps strong lyrics?

I’m not promising I’m going to illustrate all suggestions…I dare not…what if you come up with dozens of them? But I’m going to look into them seriously and see which one(s) form visuals in my mind that I can work with.

What I need from you is a title and an author. If possible, the full text. You can paste it in a comment below, message it to me on my Facebook or e-mail it to me. If you send me your own poem, then be aware that by sending it to me, you agree with my publishing it online with or in the illustration I make and showcasing it at art exhibits. All with full credits, of course!!!

Can’t wait to see if you guys come up with anything…. 😉