Today an old drawing of mine…a spooky version of myself for IF. And as always the drawings I post for IF are about me and my day… a visual journal.

Today this drawing is about me because some little things are going wrong all of a sudden. Nothing serious, but just a few little annoying disappointments. You probably know what I’m talking about because we all have “those days”. Our lives at the moment are caught in a spiderweb of extremely exciting and nerve-wrecking events. And like any rollercoaster, we’re going up and down full speed, being tossed from side to side in the curves…it’s exhilarating and a pain in the ass at the same time. Quite heavy, to be honest. Moving from one side of the country (small though it is in comparison) to another, isn’t easy. So many insecurities are involved and the distance doesn’t exactly make it easy to go and view houses.

We had an appointment for a really great house tomorrow and we were really enthusiastic about it. But at 5 to 6 this evening, the real estate agent called to cancel the appointment. And that sucks big time. We were looking forward to it  enormously because this cold be a house that we’d want to buy and even worse: we had promised our daughters for the very first time that they could come with us for the viewing…and THEY are totally heartbroken now. They were so excited! So we’ll probably try to go and gaze through the window and observe the neighbourhood tomorrow and perhaps talk to the neighbours and collect as much information about the house as we possibly can anyway. But it still sucks!

So, I’m a bit grumpy right now…and have all kinds of spooky thoughts uttering nasty grumps…..I’m guessing it will last the entire evening…mumble, grumble…