“Such a matter of perspective how one feels…”

In my illustration class the importance of copying other illustrators’ work for practice of technique and catching character was stressed yet again. (I read it in a book on illustrating as well.) My teacher had brought me this Czech book by Zdenek Sverak (Tatinku, ta se ti povedla), illustrated by Adolf Born. I loved it immediately. The illustrations are abstract and very recognisable at the same time. In my course of training, I decided to use one of the illustrations (p.9) to make a new one. The man in my illustration is practically the same as the one in the book, only mine’s bald. The shook up face and the birds in the original picture soon brought a new image to mind…that of a bird relieving itself…much to the man’s agony. All a matter of perspective.

Even though I more than borrowed a great part of this illustration, I still wanted to post it. Because of this little book and exercise I checked out Adolf Born on the internet and his work is certainly worth checking out. I hope my illustration for this week makes you do just that! So, Adolf Born!!! Or in Google.