For The Sketchbook Project 2012 I chose the theme: “I remember you” for melancholy seems to the the greatest drive behind my desire to create. An eternal longing for what’s past, what’s never been or what will never be. Be it history or fiction, intense yearning for what is not, is mesmerizing and powerful. It’s a pretty dramatic and masochistic approach to art, I have to admit.

With the intention of pulling my drawings into deeper crevices of the ever yearning heart, I delved deep into my own tiny lockets of memories and fantasies. And, as usual, the initial images came to me in poetry. I’ve hardly published my poetry here for I don’t think it’s worth much from a literary or linguistic perspective. It’s not much more  than a verbal sketch; an attempt to describe what I see before me in my vivid imagination in words.

Burgundy Velvet; remember you

Stop motion fragments
Clad in time’s haze
Fingers seek to recognize the touch
Sinking inwards in the wee hours
When tones flush my memory
And take me down
Looking to find behind barred doors
The pupils that widened
With the upward movement
Of the corners of your mouth
Nowhere behind the doors I find you
But split second details
Taken in by any of my senses
Settled to remember
Locked up for peace’s sake
And so carefully hidden
That I can get to it no more
And remember you
But with the heart that could not