So, Brian Cox has the honour of spending a night with me, if he likes. Not that he doesn’t have an attractive face or body, but it’s not something romantic I’m after. Even though it might seem that way with wanting to spend the night with him. It’s just that this man is the first man on the face of this planet who finally helps me understand a little about physics. I’m terribly fascinated, passionately, even, by the world we live in and the universe around it. I’m just really terrible at physics, chemistry and well, all beta sciences, basically. So frustrating! Because even when I really try to understand about magnetic fields, light, energy, black holes, distances, satellites, etc…I don’t! Not even the slightest bit of it!

During my English studies, we were offered a course “Astronomy for language students”. Astronomy for dummies, I hoped. Well, that’s what they intended. But when the first professor started his explanation of how large the universe actually is, my mind switched off already. There was no audiovisual material to help us understand and there was no Brian Cox!

So, for a few years I dug into some pseudo-scientific books that had at least something to do with the stars, like books about how sacred places in the world were constructed on what seemed a reflection of the stellar map, for instance. Super interesting, but it was always assumptions and (in my academic mind) wishful reasoning.  [Hmm, as I’m writing this, my house is being explored by five bees. Is that normal or will an entire bee folk invade my privacy any time soon?]

I yearned for more “real” knowledge. Facts. Understanding of some laws of nature and physics. But so far, no book, movie or conversation has given me any of it. Until Brian Cox!!! His programs are easy enough for children to understand, I think. Or at least, they’re easy enough for me to understand!!! And that’s an accomplishment. I’d already seen his BBC program in English, but today I found it in Dutch as well. And best of all, it can be watched over and over again on the internet. I can keep watching it, seeing something new every time I see it. I’m even going to let my eldest watch it in the upcoming holiday. It’s so spectacularly interesting. And the analogies Cox presents are so brilliant! So great how one TV program can give me more education than a university professor could!

So, for the first time since I’m married, I’m absolutely keen on spending a night with another man! For how I’d love to be up for a whole night in an observatory with Brian Cox. I’ve so many questions after seeing his program. So much more that I want to know!

So, if anyone reading this knows Brian Cox personally, do feel free to pass this blog entry on to him. Maybe he is willing to intellectually massage my brain into a deeper understanding of the world around our own.