So, how was the Swede turnip?

It was great! Three times in a row.

To the soup it added a carrot-like taste without being too carroty. The structure was soft and juicy. We all loved it.

The Swede from the oven was good too, although I made a mistake I should not make again. After I’d put all the herbs and spices on the dice, I mixed them and left them for an hour. But!!! You can only do that if you leave the salt out!!! My mistake led to some serious draining of precious juices. And the end result wasn’t as good as I’m sure it would have been without it. So, mix all the herbs and spices you like, but leave the salt until right before you put the dice into the oven!!! The taste was good, very good. But the first bites were a bit awkward. Since I’d made my “Tatties-out-of-the-oven” mix for them, I expected a “tatties-out-of-the-oven” experience. But both texture and taste are different. The taste reminds me of sweet potatoe and the texture is that of celeriac. And I feel it needs to be baked slightly longer than the potatoes. And unlike potatoes, it matters a great deal to cut all the dice the same thickness. There was more variation in how done the dice were. My hubs liked this version of the Swedes best.

My favorite Swede recipe was definitely the Swede “noodle” dish. How creamy and elegant! I really, really liked it. Tasted a lot like tagliatelle with cream sauce, but with a touch of veggie. But it wasn’t as heavy on the stomach as pasta is. It is a really good and healthy substitute for pasta! I added a little cheese to the dish before I served it and that was heavenly. Gave it more body, but could have done without easily. Really, really nice.

Today we had steak. I looked into buying eco meat, but it was so abominably expensive that I couldn’t. Or rather: I wouldn’t. The steak was of great quality and very, very tasty. But I felt a bit awkward about it. All the hassle with meat. Even if you forget about the fact that meat actually takes a lot of killing (I mean, with that thought you simply cannot eat meat), it’s just such a horrible industry and they do such incomprehensible things to the animals and the meat…I would very much like to find affordable eco meat. Doesn’t have to be cheap perse, but to pay 8 euros for one steak, is simply overboard, as far as my wallet’s concerned. Even if we only have that a few times a year. I do have to feed four people! I’ve tried without meat and I can certainly do that, but I ran into trouble after a few weeks feeling very feeble. I needed iron. And apparently I’ve hard time getting iron from vegetables, so I decided I should eat far less meat. Well, I want to stick to that. But make sure the meat we do eat, comes from animals that have been raised well, have been treated well and have had a “humane” death. (what a phrase! how humane can any killing be?) I’m going to look into it a bit more.

Now, after some more meat…dance meat!!! The ultimate dance battle’s on tv and I think I love it!