Yes, I should just have gone to my doctor and have the bloodtest done. But I haven’t. Not because I’m afraid of some blood drainage, but because of what comes next.

The thing is…my mom and me…well, we were always told our weak spot was our bowels. I’ll spare you the details, but we were thought to have the irritable bowel syndrome. Lots of discomfort and lots of taking care what to eat and what not to eat.


A few months ago, my mom got a new doctor who thought her bowel syndrome was perhaps something else. So, after a blood test, she got a bioptsy and hurray! Finally her bowel condition had an official name:  Gluten sensitivity! And, the condition can be hereditary.

Whoops!!! Yes, so perhaps my condition was also explicable now. But such a biopsy…hmmm…I’d rather not! So, I got a letter for a bloodtest at my doctor’s, but never actually went to get it, because she wanted to have me in for biopsy straight away.

I decided to do a self-test. I simply left gluten out of my diet for 4 weeks. Aaaahhhh…such comfort and ease all of a sudden. And when the comfort and ease became normal and when I forgot about it and ate bread for a day…boy, was I punished! Ever since I’ve been doing this on and off, resulting in periods of discomfort.

So…wisening up, I just looked up a thing or two about gluten sensitivity and ran into a home-test for which only a drop of blood from the finger is needed. The test is as reliable as hospital laboratory (say gluten-sensitivity patient organisations) and for me the big advantage is that if it turns out to be positive, I can choose not to do the biopsy. Positive test result, feeling better when not eating gluten AND a mom who’s got it, is proof enough for me.

So, I’ve ordered the (well affordable) test and it should be in this week. I must go back to eating gluten for a little while, though. Because the test works on a certain type of anti-proteine the a gluten-sensitive body produces after having had gluten to eat. So, I’m in for some more belly aches and discomforts for a little while, so I may not be as productive for a bit…but then you know why…

I’m in between hoping I’m gluten sensitive and not being it. The diet is difficult and gluten-free products are hard to find, tasteless and expensive, or a lot of work to make yourself. But then again, eating gluten makes me feel so awful already that I avoid them as often as I can already. So if I am, I’d better now.

Now, fingers crossed! And I’ll let you know!!!