Last Sunday we were out gathering some autum sun rays and some inspiration…
in this case inspiration for the kitchen.
Here’s the loot!
Edible pumpkins, honey, handmade patchouli soap and a handmade cream
We visited a pumpkin market that sold the most awesome pumpkins.
Many of which weren’t edible, unfortunately.
But, we found a nice selection of edible pumpkins
that I’m very curious to try.
The orange Hokkaido pumpkin we all know, of course.
But what about the white Pattisons?
The ugly green/blue Blue Hubbard who is told not to give away his flesh without a fight?
And the cute little Carnivals?
I’m very curious to try!!!
Just a tad sorry I overlooked the spathetti pumpkin…how good that was last year.
I’m dead set on finding one still.
Then there was honey!
And honey, was that honey good!
We got to taste all the different kinds.
Wow, what a world of difference in tastes!
We fell absolutely and hopelessly in love with Impatiens honey…soooo good!
Light, and freshly sweet. Bound to be lovely on bread.
Then the much heavier and spicier lime or linden honey…overwhelming!
And the surprising and creamy rapeseed honey…
So many ideas for recipes shot through my mind during the tasting.
Can’t wait till the new kitchen is finished!
A tasting like this one makes it so very clear
that supermarket honey is NO honey.
Supermarket honey is watered and sugared down honey.
Sweet and flat of taste.
Then these different kinds of real honey!
In some you can taste the plant, bark, pollen.
Some lay the scents of the forest onto your tongue.
Or of a field of flowers and grass.
In short:
if you ever get the chance to do a honey tasting,
DO it!
I think it beats a wine tasting…