Person X hug by Mandy van Goeije

A personalized Hug

Did you like the Hugs that I posted online last week? And would you like to get a personalized Hug for yourself or for a loved one? You can! I’ve decided to draw Hugs for other people who really need one or who would like to give one to someone they would love to hug but now can’t.

On this page you can read all about it!

What the Hugs have done so far

I can’t wait for the Hug requests to come. The past weeks I got so many wonderful responses from my friends whom I’d sent a hug. They felt exactly the same way, missing the embrace, the short moments of showing and receiving affection. I’m all for keeping a distance in this pandemic, but that doesn’t mean it’s hard. Worse, even, when friends are going through rough patches and you can’t do what you’d love to do most…hold them and comfort them.

I know I’m not alone in the experience. I know there are many people out there feeling ‘cold’ in a sense. And if the Hugs are something I can make people happy with, it makes me happy. It’s still not a real hug, but a Hug drawing is absolutely the next best thing!

Ready to go!

I can’t wait to start! My sketching pencils are sharp, my paper’s eager, my ink jar is full and my pens can’t wait to race over the paper again! We’re ready for you!

Drawing one Hug takes me a full work day, usually. Sometimes a tad more. But I think I can manage doing 5 a week. If you want a Hug from me, let me know quickly by filling out the form. I’ll let you know when I expect to be able to work on it. Thus far my schedule is free as of coming Monday.

Shipment can take a while in this pandemic, so be mindful of that if you’re ordering for a special occasion. However, I did think of that and for such cases, I’ve drawn ‘a promise’ that can be printed as a card to give on the date, should the drawing arrive late.

I think I’ve thought of everything. If you are missing things after reading the page about the Hugs, please contact me.