What would it be like if you owned your own, private creative laboratory?
A little place all for yourself where you can do ANYthing
Or even easily take out your doings to show to others, IF YOU WANT?

mandy van goeije art journal

The above IS such a place…
It’s a new type of journal in which I feel 100% FREE to experiment…
…with styles, techniques, supplies, content…
This journal can take ANYthing!

And so I didn’t leave it at making only 1 of this journal.
I’ve immediately begun making a second.
And I simply can’t wait to start filling it up.
Or no, wait…I am oozing with so much creative energy right now,
that I have already started filling this one up as well…

Curious to find out what journal I’m talking about?
Come visit me at Oeljebroelje on 24 August in Ellewoutsdijk (11 – 17.00)
or visit my blog straight after!!!