Remember I had this computer virus/hijacker? Well, it has spread some seeds in my system and is a full blown pest to my use of the computer. And who knows what software it unpacks on my system?

This is NOT a simple virus that can be eliminated easily. At least, not as easily as I’d hoped. So, today I bought new anti-virus software. But guess what? This malware on my computer is SO clever that it blocks the installation of my anti-malware software. It’s hijacked full control over my system. I’m gutted. And afraid. What information is it stealing? What software is it installing?

I’m not a person for half  measures and I’ve had it with malware. This is the 3rd serious infection in 2 years time. I’m going to try to format my entire system and re-install EVERYTHING I’ve got. Start out with clean system. But I’m also going to save up for an iMac. Apparently there’s not as much malware around for apple computers as there is for Microsoft and I’m so sick of it. I’m on the brink of starting to illustrate professionally and I can’t risk the destruction or loss of my files.

Anyone got a great idea for me?