It’s April! And I’m back! After a few first restless March days of breaking my (online media) habit, I can’t believe how fast a month went by.

March was a very fruitful month which I spent almost exclusively behind my drawing table. I had planned to do other stuff too – like building a new website and opening an Etsy store – but then I got caught in the flow of drawing and I just never stopped. It was the best thing I could do. I was in this flow before, two years ago when I had a really good teacher. The process stopped because of the move. But now I’ve settled in my new home and studio and found a really great teacher again and I’m off again!

Here’s one of the drawings I did in the past few days…a sketch of a face that was built up freehand after having traced only a few lines as points of reference from a photo. As an exercise in faces…and I’m thrilled with the result!

At first I felt it was cheating, thought tracing was child’s play. But then I went totally wrong on a few faces. It was so much harder with only that handful of lines of reference. Frustrated I began on this one. But after a while I found myself not just studying the face, but wondering about the boy himself…especially the look in his eyes…what was he thinking? How come he was so beautiful? What was in the soul of this boy? What  was it about his gaze that had captured me so? And as a story unravelled inside my mind, my fingers just started working on him and after some time he was suddenly there in front of me, almost exactly like on the photo. Come to life in an almost meditative state of mind. What an experience! More of that, please!

I used a photo from the internet, but forgot to write down the photographer and I don’t remember where I found it, so I cannot credit the photographer here. My apologies to the photographer.

So what about April? Continue to ride the flow for sure. And get that website up and running!!! If only I had a website fairy who did it for me while I was behind my drawing table….so hard to get off the flow once you’re on it!