Dear 2012, I am totally ready for you!

I’ve switched on the power…

And I’ve pumped some energy into making my studio ready for some serious work! Here’s where I can make small groups of people work seriously hard:

And here’s my side of the studio…stuffed with nothing but work stuff. It looks quite dense on this photo, I’ve noticed, but in real life, this place oozes a serene atmosphere that yells: “Work! Come on and work! Yeah, work it baby!”

So. My studio’s all set to go. My projects are in place. All that’s left to do, is sweep my dearly beloved out of the house Monday morning, enjoy the silence for a bit as I quietly sip some tea, reach out to the shelf with projects and get busy. I really, really cherish the three spare days I have left with my kids and hubs, but I can’t help really looking forward to getting into the swing of things again. (Sssssssh….don’t let them hear it!)