These past few months have been food for thought. So when I ran into a pile of huge moleskine-like journals, I bought three. And I intend to fill them all by using watercolor pencils, acrylics, ink and ballpoints. Since these pages are really personal, I have censured them immensely, but at least tried to get the images across.

Anyone who owns Carla Sonheim’s Drawing Lab will recognize a few of the exercises in it. Perfect for uninspired days to keep your fingers in shape! I pull out the book everytime I feel like “doing something” while not knowing what to do or what to make. This book gets me going nearly every time.

So, here’s the journal (the heart on the front was a postcard that joined the Happinez magazine as a freeby; if you click the link, you’ll be taken to a section of some really nice free e-cards….)

Then some more faces…my way of expressing the tremendous amount of mixed emotions and thoughts that have occupied me lately:

The future….

Some more mixed emotions and thoughts…

And then a few random blots of paint of a series…which all came to life by spreading paint and ink lines, all seemingly unrelated…until I did my last blot and suddenly all of these blot figures together formed a story and had tremendous meaning. It’s fabulous how the subconscience works and how it seeps through everything you create.

And finally a Dr Seuss landscape, but then sculpted with my own hands…but fully in sort-of-a-copy from Carla’s book. This was a REAL uninspired moment…but the colours brought enough inspiration to the surface to write a little story from…so Dr Seuss proved healing in the end…