How I wanted to work hard, today. But…I slept in! And when I woke up at 10.34, it still felt a lot like 6.34 so I guess I really needed those extra hours.

Then the day was for the preparation of my stand at the Crafty Gardens next week. I gave it a thought what I was going to do and I’ve decided I’ll journal there…or illustrate. And I’ll have some information available about Art Journal Coaching and if I find time to do it, I’ll make some small goodies to sell. But today was for making the flyers and the chique wrapping that I’ve in mind! I also printed cards and address stickers…so, then there was A LOT OF cutting to do….

And now that all the business cards, address stickers and flyers are coming together, they look pretty neat! If I say so myself…;-) I printed the cards and stickers in many different colour combinations and I’m going to make envelopes of magazine pages…so I think it’s going to be colourful and lovely bunch of neatly wrapped flyers when I’m finished!

Then, while toiling hard, the doorbell rang and friends of ours payed us a surprise visit. We have infected the father of the family with the Geocaching virus and his condition is pretty serious…so, we’ve been fantasizing and planning to lay lots of geocaches ourselves! Firs there’s the Crafty Gardens…but then there’s ample time to start laying them!

While the hubbies went out for take-away, dark clouds gathered over our street. I just HAD to photograph that!

Fortunately no rain came from them…and the fresh green leaves on the trees were a beautiful contrast to the ominous and heavy dark grey sky.

So…time’s pressing and I’ve lots of cutting and pasting to do and I really must make a start today. So I’m off, with a nice audiobook in the background! Nope, I’m really never bored!