The arrival of morning and evening light always wake my slumbering fire. It’s been so great to work hard again. As if I’ve woken up from hibernation. Well, it seems that is just what’s happened!

I’ve started taking illustration classes (great for breaking with old patterns of thinking and working), I’m teaching a new Art Journal course, I’m busy organising the Crafty Gardens (a lovely little craft- and art fair that takes place in sunny June) and I’m working head over heels on illustrations and in my Art Journal. ‘Cause I really need to have some prints for sale in June! There’s never enough time and I’ve been working way past midnight for a few nights in a row now. But I get as much energy from it as it takes. So it’s been really nice!

Here’s yesterday’s journal page:

At the illustration course I’ve taken up illustrating my own children’s story, in which a little girl learns to deal with emotions. In this case, anger. It’s quite hard to draw ‘anger’ and anger related things for kids. I love the black and ominous feeling of my journal page, but I hardly think young children will. And I’m not (and never was) much a fan of childish things. So I have to see if I can find a road in the middle. I have a lot to learn. Most importantly of all, to think outside my box. Which isn’t the easiest goal to set! But so far I like the input and feedback I get and so far it helps me get outside my box and widen my view.

I think I’m going to struggle with the first page most because my whole mindset needs to change for that. But once that’s done, I hope the next illustrations will be a little easier.