This weekend was absolutely fabulous! Friday we had my friend Amber over for dinner with her family. It’s so cool to have a good friend that long and to see our children be such good friends now too…feels like family!

Saturday I got up earlywurly to cook one of my specialties. One of our friends is totally nuts about that dish and I make it for him and his family a couple of times a year. I can hardly think of anything better than to see people enjoy food I made for them. I love cooking, although in the daily rush with kids and all, I find it hard sometimes to cook up to my expectations these days. Sometimes I even wonder if I cans till cook when the simplest things go wrong. But when I take a little extra time…hm, hm, hm! The lovely dinner kept our friends here till the wee hours.

So, with a little shortage of sleep we began a really laid back Sunday yesterday. It turned out that there were Zwarte Pieten in town and all the shops were open! Wow, that promised a party for our girls! They’re all hyper over the upcoming Sinterklaas evening, so they were going to love a bunch of Zwarte Pieten. It turned out there was a really cool drumband in town, dressed like Zwarte Pieten. It was awesome! Especially when other Zwarte Pieten started doing acrobatics to the music and even more Zwarte Pieten climbed onto the rooftops of the shops! And then, a fire truck drove straight into town…..stolen by naughty Zwarte Pieten who came to make even more noise sounding the fire alarm!!! It was noisy, but we all had a great time! Oh, and according to tradition the Zwarte Pieten handed out handloads full of candy…a bonus to an already perfect Sunday afternoon!

And we are so lucky with our girls. We managed to buy bags full of Sinterklaas presents without them even noticing it. They were too busy sucking up the entertainment the Zwarte Pieten offered to be aware of their parents being sneaky behind their little backs…oof! We’re all finished gathering goodies…now it’s packing time…and time to hide the big bag of Sinterklaas from the kids!!! Wish me luck!