Isn’t this lovely?

Could it be…? Could it?
Yes! Of course it is a new Art Journal!!! I handbound two of these this morning! For the cover I used Indian paper with a silver stamped pattern.

And of course I gave it a coptic binding. It never fails to look classy and it is THE binding that allows for working in a flat book when spread open.

The reason why I bound two new books is that I feel like keeping an Art Journal style diary…so to try if I can really make it a daily activity to reflect on my day and give it some space in my journal. I’d already started, so the first pages weren’t blank anymore when I bound them…

Click here for a larger, readable version.

Oh, and that about the potatoe chips is true! Cut them for 6 weeks and they won’t be as tempting as they used to be. They even left a somewhat dirty feel inside my mouth when I had eaten some. Who’d have thought?! Bought myself some more nuts today…and pure, dark chocolate (at least 70% cocao!!!). So much better. Oh, and it’s pretty great for your weight as well….hihi.